How to Insulate a Standard Metal Garage Door

Insulating your garage door serves to bring down your energy bills by lessening the measure of heat and cooling you require for contiguous rooms of your home, as per the U.s. Environmental Protection Agency. With a standard metal garage door you have the alternatives of purchasing a garage door insulation pack or purchasing the insulation materials. In a couple of steps you’ll be sparing cash and serving to lessen your effect on the environment by preserving the energy needed to heat and cool your home. This anticipate requires just essential tools.


  1. Measure the inside of the garage door. From inside the garage, with the door in the shut position, measure from the inside lip at the bottom of the garage door to the top of the door. Measure the width between the vertical rails where the insulation will go. Record the measurements.
  2. Buy foil-supported insulation or an insulation unit that is the same width as the space between your garage door’s vertical rails.
  3. Put on work gloves and safety glasses. Use a straight edge and utility blade to slice sheets of insulation to the needed length, in view of your measurements.
  4. Embed every board of insulation with the laminated or aluminum side confronting out. Push one end of the insulation under one of the door’s flat rails then afterward curve it gradually to fit it under the other level rail. Rehash with every sheet of insulation. Press a putty cut along the insulation’s edge to help wedge it into place if required. The insulation may as well fit tightly between the ribs.

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