How to Paint a Metal Garage Door

Metal garage doors are strong and don’t require a great deal of maintenance. They do require an exceptional layer of paint to protect the metal from the components. Uncovered exposed metal can rust. Rust debilitates the structure of the metal. The point when paint chips, scratches or wears off a metal garage door, the time it now, time for another paint work. An alternate great opportunity to paint the garage door is the point at which the outside of the house has been painted another color. The garage door color might as well look excellent alongside the outer surface house color. With a great paint work, a metal garage door looks alluring and will keep going quite a while.


  1. Splash off the metal garage door, using a hose with a shower connection spout, to clean away earth and flotsam and jetsam.
  2. Clean the garage door vigorously using an in number cleanser and a rough scouring wipe. Use round movements when cleaning the door. The cleanser and scouring movement removes soil and rust and roughens the surface with the intention that it will hold paint better. Any solid cleanser is sufficient. You can buy an in number cleanser at a tool shop. Undiluted Simple Green works well. Kitchen scouring cushions work well.
  3. Flush the cleanser off the garage door using a hose with a splash connection spout. Permit the door to air dry.
  4. A first stage base layer makes the last color cover adhere better to the garage door. Open a container of acrylic paint that is made for outdoor use. Blend the paint using a long adhere to blend altogether. Pour the paint into the splash firearm. Acrylic paint is a great decision for garage doors, because the paint is adaptable and will twist instead of chip off throughout garage door movement. This is vital because garage doors move frequently throughout typical use, when they are opened and shut.
  5. Apply a base layer to the garage door using a shower firearm. Spread a meager cover of paint on the garage door using long strokes. Permit the base layer to dry for 2 to 24 hours, contingent upon the mark of paint. Take a gander at the paint producer documentation to discover the prescribed drying time.
  6. Arrange the color cover. Wash out the splash weapon canister to remove the first stage. Dry the canister. Open the acrylic color paint. Altogether blend the paint with a long stick and pour the paint into the spread weapon.
  7. Paint the color cover on the garage door using the spread firearm. Just apply a slight cover of paint. The paint ought to be completely dry in 24 hours. Provided that coveted, paint a second layer of paint on the garage door.

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