How to Paint a New Galvanized Steel Garage Door

New galvanized steel garage doors must be painted because the steel can start to rust in 2 to 3 years. Preparing and painting is a simple and competitive approach to protect a garage door from the components and will expand the life of the door.


  1. Use vinegar to wipe down the entire surface of the garage door. Hold up until the vinegar dries, and afterward wash off the door with water. The harsh corrosive in the vinegar will remove the oils that protect the steel and will help the preparation adhere to the door.
  2. Spread out the painter’s canvas or covering underneath the garage door. Determine that the canvas is covering the entire working zone.
  3. Open the oil based first stage and mix well. Pour the preparation into the paint dish. Verify the garage door is dry before applying any paint. Use the paint roller to apply even covers of preparation on the garage door until totally covered.
  4. Give the first stage a 30 minutes to a hour to dry totally. This could be speedier hinging upon how hot the day is or what amount of immediate sunlight the door is getting. A simple test to check whether the paint is dry is to lightly touch your finger to it to check whether any of it falls off. If not, then the first stage is dry.
  5. Open the oil based outer surface paint and mix well. Pour paint into paint dish. Apply an even layer of outer surface paint to the door until it is totally covered. The point when the first cover of outside paint dries, in the event that you can even now see the preparation through it, then apply an alternate even layer until the color is robust.

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