How to Paint a Roll-up Metal Garage Door

Adding another cover of paint to an old roll-up metal garage door might be a honestly basic approach to spruce up the appearance of your house. In the event that the present paint is truly weathered, remove it before starting with the goal that the garage door is stripped down to just the metal surface.


  1. Join together 1 mug general cleanser with 5 gallons of warm water. Clean the territory to be painted with this result and a delicate abounded brush. This will remove buildup and any viable flotsam and jetsam from your garage door’s surface. Wash the whole surface.
  2. Flush the garage door altogether with water.
  3. Scour the garage door with a powdered cleaning operator, using the delicate swarmed brush. Weaken the powdered cleaning executor with water before applying to the garage door. This will help the paint adhere to the garage door. Remove any resolute substances from the garage door with an universally handy oil remover.
  4. Make an edging around the garage door, using concealing tape. This will avert the paint from draining from the garage door and onto the encompassing zones.
  5. Shower the whole garage door with a sealant and gave it a chance to dry before you start painting.
  6. Apply the paint of your decision, using either a brush or a paint roller. A brush is suggested, yet a roller may be essential to achieve a few statures. It is proposed that you use a high caliber acrylic latex paint intended for outside surfaces.

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