How to Paint a Steel Roll Up Garage Door

Steel roll up garage doors might be painted the same way that other steel garage doors are painted. Similarly as with any painting work, the trap is to properly plan the surface before painting then after that use the right paint for the occupation. Painting garage doors is truly simpler than painting some different surfaces because they once in a while presuppose preparing and, unless painted with a high gleam paint, require next to no sanding.


  1. Remove any wax and peeling paint from the garage door by lightly scouring it with a light black 3m Scotchbrite scrape cushion and foamy water.
  2. Lightly sand the garage door with a fine steel fleece to diminish the gleam provided that it has been previously painted.
  3. Sand any scratches or other surface flaws with 0000 steel downy or 400 gravel sandpaper until they are smooth. Make an effort not to uncover any uncovered metal underneath the paint.
  4. Clean the door completely to remove any earth, salt and oil on the door. You will need to use a low-force sprayer and a delicate abounded brush. Wash it with water. Permit the door to dry completely before moving to the following step.
  5. Cover the handles and trim with painter’s tape and place a drop material underneath the door.
  6. Cover any uncovered exposed metal with a preparation intended for galvanized metal. You just need to use this first stage if there is uncovered metal.
  7. Paint the door with a cover of latex preparation, if coveted. First stage is not dependably fundamental unless you’re radically evolving colors. Don’t paint the joint and edge seals.
  8. Paint the door with a layer of latex outside house paint. Don’t paint the joint and edge seals.
  9. Let the paint dry for no less than 30 minutes then afterward apply a second cover of paint.

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