How to Paint Galvanized Metal Garage Doors

Provided that you essentially apply first stage and paint to a galvanized metal surface, for example you might to generally different surfaces, the paint will start to peel away after just a tad bit of time. The purpose behind this is because in the galvanizing process, the metal advances a dainty protective layer of oil that anticipates great paint bond. Weathered galvanized metal additionally advances a flimsy covering of white rust that will avoid proper paint grip. Both the oil and the rust need to be removed before you can paint your galvanized metal garage doors.


  1. Scour the surface of the garage door with a wire brush. Head over the whole door until all the white rust is removed. Provided that your galvanized metal garage door is just took the ribbon off new, you won’t need to do this, since the rust hasn’t framed yet.
  2. Clean the garage door’s surface with a water-based cleaner and a wipe. Hold up for the surface to dry before proceeding.
  3. Hose the material with white vinegar and scour the whole surface of the garage door. Reapply the vinegar to the fabric as indispensible.
  4. Apply first stage to the garage door, using long strokes. Proceed until the whole door is covered in preparation.
  5. Hold up various minutes or hour as per the bearing on the jar of preparation. Drying time for latex preparation will be about a hour, yet it can fluctuate uncontrollably dependent upon the mark of first stage, temperature and dampness.
  6. Apply the latex paint in the same way as the first stage. Hold up until the paint is dry, as per the drying times on the can, and apply a second layer, in the event that you crave.

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