How to Paint Metal Garage Doors to Look Like Wood

Maybe you have seen those wooden garage doors while driving around, or possibly one of your neighbors has one. The garage doors themselves are no unique in relation to the metal one you have on your house. The distinction is that they are wood-clad, implying that strips of wood are stuck to the front. Wood-clad garage doors are extremely unmanageable, now and again to the extent that $15,000 for a twofold garage door. You can attain a comparative look with paint that will make you the jealousy of the neighborhood.


  1. Clean the garage door completely using a gentle cleanser. Use dish washing cleanser and a wipe to clean the garage door. Flush with clean water and permit the door to dry totally.
  2. Tape off any territories that you don’t wish to paint with low tack painter’s tape.
  3. Use a palm sander and medium-gravel sandpaper to sand the surface of the garage door. Sanding will encourage add composition to the metal door and will permit the first stage to sink into the door, making a stronger bond. Wipe away the sanding dust with moist clothes.
  4. Apply a tinted first stage to the garage door. Use a tan preparation, tinted to match your paint color. Ask your paint store to tint the first stage to match the paint. Use a brush and a paint roller to apply the preparation. Use the brush to work into little cleft and roll once again over the brushed zones to smooth out the paint. Permit the first stage to dry totally.
  5. Paint on a tan base color using the same methods you used to apply the preparation. Cover the door totally with the base color. Permit the paint to dry.
  6. Blend your coating. Coating is a smooth substance used to thin paint and make it more transparent. Using it over a base color will add profundity and definition to the garage door, making it look progressively like genuine wood. Blend one part tan paint with four parts coat in an extensive basin. Mix the mixture well. Fill a second pail with clean water.
  7. Plunge one cloth into clean water. Dunk an alternate cloth into the coating. Wipe coat onto the garage doors with the cloth. Wipe off overabundance coat with the clean, wet cloth. Keep wiping on and off the coating until you get the look you are attempting to accomplish. Go back regularly to assess the paint work and confirm assuming that you require give or take coat. Permit the garage door to dry.

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