How to Paint or Stain a Steel Door to Make It Look Like Wood

Steel doors settle on a phenomenal decision for home passages because they are sturdy, however these doors don’t give the warm and homey feel that wood doors bring out. Luckily for homeowners, you can paint or stain a steel door with the goal that it would appear that wood. Knowing how to pick the right stain or paint for the occupation is one of the key components in changing your door.


  1. Take off your door from its pivots. Do this by placing your screwdriver under the leader of every door pivot pin and tapping it with a mallet. The pin may as well immediately move up after one or two taps.
  2. Cover the top of your two sawhorses with the mattress sheet. Place your door on top of the sawhorses and veil any glass divide of the door with your painter’s tape. Unscrew the doorknob with your screwdriver and take off other equipment.
  3. Wash your door using warm water and cleanser. Permit it to dry for a couple of minutes. Remove any insight of paint with your scrubber and sand it with fine-grade sandpaper.
  4. Apply the preparation to the whole door surface and permit it to totally dry.
  5. Paint the inside boards with your wood stain using your paintbrush. Move ahead to the door’s edges in the wake of painting the inside boards. Paint vertical strokes for the long way regions and use flat strokes for the transversely edges.
  6. Use your wood-graining tool and run it down your door accompanying a consistent shaking movement. This will make the wood grain appear more characteristic. Check assuming that all corners of the door have been properly painted. Gave it a chance to dry for 48 hours.
  7. Cover the door with polyurethane to guarantee its solidness and to unify the staining. Gave it a chance to dry for a couple of hours and rehash the same go on the other side of your door.

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