How to Refinish Steel Doors

Perhaps you basically need to change the color of a metal door, or possibly the existing paint is peeling off. Whatever the case, you can paint a metal door and make it look like new once more. Despite the fact that the errand is simple, it can additionally be drawn out. The more regrettable shape your door is in, the more planning time you’ll require for the task. When you’re finished, nonetheless, you’ll be glad for your work and acknowledge what amount of your prep time paid off.


  1. Remove all equipment, incorporating bolts, handles, kickplates, and knockers with a screwdriver. Provided that conceivable, likewise remove weatherstripping. Place the fittings, in addition to screws, together in a holder to guarantee they don’t get lost.
  2. Remove any minor regions of detached paint with a paint scrubber. Provided that the larger part of paint is fit as a fiddle, use paint remover to strip the metal door. Take after the producer’s instructions for best effects. Apply the remover with a brush and wipe off the disintegrated paint after the designated measure of time noted on the instructions.
  3. Use denatured liquor and a material to clean the metal door to determine it is free of oil, oil, and different contaminants. This step guarantees the paint will stick properly to the surface.
  4. Cover glass or screen segments in the metal door with daily paper and painter’s tape. Shut off any weatherstripping that is still connected before you start to paint.
  5. Apply a metal first stage to the door with a brush, in the event that you previously stripped the paint- -or if there are uncovered spots uncovering the metal. In the event that you use an alternate sort of paint than the existing finish, you’ll likewise need to apply preparation to guarantee the new paint stays properly. Continuously take after the bearings on the holder, and permit the first stage to dry before you continue.
  6. Paint the metal door by using a short snooze roller and a paint dish. Not just will using a roller make your occupation faster, however it likewise won’t leave brush marks. In the event that there are indentations in the metal, use a modest 4-inch roller so you can achieve them. After the first layer of pain has dried, apply a second cover, if essential.

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