How to Stain a Steel Door

Provided that your home has a steel door, you might believe that you can’t change the look of the door because it is not made of wood. This is inaccurate. You can make your steel door practically any color that you need just by using a couple of straightforward steps to adjust the staining procedure to suit the metal. In spite of the fact that you will require a mite of tolerance to insure that the methodology works out effectively, you will be astonished at how basic this enhancing assignment might be.


  1. Wash your door with cleanser and water. Indeed, auto cleanser will work. Let the door dry totally. Provided that you like, you can hurry the procedure by wiping the door down with a clean cloth, however you still need to give it a chance to air-dry for an exceptional 20 minutes.
    Generally, you can leave the door in place while you clean then after that stain it, yet if the door is extremely weathered and will take more than a day’s worth of work to clean, then you might wish to remove it from its pivots and place it on sawhorses. Obviously, in the event that you do this then you will have made courses of action for a stand-in door while you are chipping away at your steel one.
  2. Scrape up your steel door with sandpaper. You are not searching for magnificence here, just a mess of small scratches so the first stage will have edges to hold fast to. Hold the sandpaper in one hand and "buff" the door with it with the intention that you can see scratches in the surface of the door.
  3. Make preparations. Top your paint tray off with an oil-based preparation, and painstakingly roll it on. All that scraping will let the preparation adhere to the steel door and will make an exceptional undercoat for the finish stain to come. Be liberal with the first stage, because it is the first stage that permits your stain to work. Permit the preparation to dry overnight.
  4. Stain the door. Pour the latex into your paint tray, and painstakingly roll on the top cover. Provided that you like the way it looks, stop there and permit the stain to dry for in the vicinity of 24 hours. After the stain dries totally you might perceive blotches or unevenness in the stain. Provided that this is the situation, put on a second cover.

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