How to Stain Metal Doors

Staining a metal door is an extraordinary approach to give this sort of door a few class and character. With the right sorts of stains, you can even make that metal door look like wood. Gel stains are the best alternatives for metal because they stay put and won’t slide or globule up the way that fluid stains will.


  1. Wash the door. Use the spread cleaner and a cleaning cloth to get the door as clean and smooth as could reasonably be expected. The first stage and the stain will hold fast to the surface better assuming that it is smooth and clear of dust, soil and flotsam and jetsam. When you have washed the door, get it dry with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Take action. Apply two dainty, even covers of first stage, permitting every cover to dry 90 minutes before proceeding onward. Use the paintbrush to stroke the preparation on, and determine that there are no obvious trickles or runs since these will be unmistakable through the stain.
  3. Stain the door with the gel cover. Wear gloves, because this can get untidy. Dip a clean, dry cloth into the gel layer and apply the stain to the door using the cloth. Smooth the gel layer onto the door delicately and spread it out until there is no added stain sitting on the door. Provided that there is a grain in the metal door, apply with the grain. Any other way, you can use little, round movements. Let the stain sit for in the ballpark of 30 minutes before buffing.
  4. Buff the abundance stain off the door. Use a clean, dry cloth to buff abundance stain off the door. This will anticipate staining on apparel and hands when others touch the door. Assuming that, in the wake of buffing, you like the look of your door then you are finished with the stain. If not, matter an alternate layer and rehash the buffing process.
  5. Seal the door. Use the splash sealant to apply a protective layer to the door. This will protect it from scratches and the components and also keeping the stain from rubbing off. Apply two slim, even covers and permit the sealant to set for around the range of 25 minutes in the middle of provisions.

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