Painting Metal Overhead Garage Doors

Makers of metal overhead garage doors regularly give them a heated on finish by the maker with the goal that they require no painting when acquired. Anyhow over the long run, this finish can look dull, and scratches can cause rust spots to appear. More senior metal doors might not have this finish, yet rehashed painting can make them look unappealing also. Painting your overhead garage door doesn’t require an expert. Assuming that the door is properly ready before painting, you can make it look like new again yourself.


  1. Clean the outer surface and inside door surface completely with a broadly functional cleaner to remove dust, earth and oil. Use a solid brush or steel downy to scour hardened on soil and flush away the cleaner with water.
  2. Remove detached or peeling paint with a wire brush. Assuming that the surface is foaming or peeling everywhere, scour with a powder cleanser then after that flush altogether.
  3. Scratch away remaining rust spots delicately with a scrubber and smooth surface scratches that have not uncovered the metal underneath using fine steel fleece. Abstain from buffing or sanding the door because the paint won’t follow properly if the surface is too smooth.
  4. Cover handles and trim with painter’s tape and cover the windows with daily paper.
  5. Place a drop material or a canvas on your under the door to protect carport and garage floor. Paint both the inside and outside with the door shut. Don’t attempt to paint with the door in the overhead position.
  6. Apply preparation suitable for metal surfaces with a wide paint brush or roller. Abandon this to dry for no less than 12 hours. In the event that the metal underneath the definitive finish is uncovered, preparing is discriminating, because Latex paints can dash rust.
  7. Apply paint using a brush or a roller. For repainting heated on finishes, Raynor proposes a high caliber acrylic latex outer surface paint, and maintaining a strategic distance from oil-based or rust-inhibitive paints.
  8. Leave the first layer of paint to dry totally before applying a second cover. Paint both the inside and outside door surface using outer surface using exterior paint.

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