How to Repair Garage Door Dents

In the event that you have an aluminum or steel garage door, you’ve presumably as of recently discovered that in spite of the fact that it is decently without maintenance it dents effectively. You don’t need to hit it with your auto, despite the fact that that happens frequently enough. A stray baseball, youngsters using the garage door as a tennis accomplice or a soccer objective can leave a dent in your garage that may forget you enticed to value another board for your garage door. Replacing a whole board is usually not essential. Instead, attempt a dent evacuation method used on vehicles and steel doors to dispose of dents.


  1. Fill a can with water and add 1 tsp. dish cleanser. Swirl the water and dish cleanser with a wipe to blend. Wash the dented region of the garage with the wipe to remove any soil. Hose off altogether with water and permit it to dry totally for one hour.
  2. Unroll a bit of aluminum thwart from the roll that is long enough to totally cover the dent in your garage, determining you will have enough overabundance thwart to have room to hold the foil against the garage. Use the metal teeth on the aluminum thwart box to cut off the bit of aluminum foil.
  3. Stand beside the dent in your garage door. Set the aluminum foil, the lighter, and the layered air canister, with the top removed, at your feet. Get the bit of aluminum foil, and lay it level against your garage door so it totally covers the whole dent. Hold it against your garage door with your hand at the edge of the foil.
  4. Light the lighter, and move the flare here and there and then here again over the whole dent for one moment. Remove the aluminum foil. Hold the packed air canister upside down and splash the dent on your garage with fluid carbon dioxide for 30 seconds.
  5. Look as the dent on your garage disappears. The temperature contrast between the fluid carbon dioxide and the heated dent will compel the dent to pop out inside two minutes. Hose off the dented zone of your garage door to remove any extra carbon dioxide.

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