How to Replace the Weather Strip on a Steel Garage Door

The climate stripping on a steel garage door needs to be adaptable enough to make a tight seal between the door and the floor underneath it. Over the long haul, drizzle and snow might cause a garage door climate strip to lose its adaptability. The material regularly splits and debases to the focus where it doesn’t stop the wind, downpour and snow from blowing into the garage. Luckily, its a clear do-it-yourself task to replace a steel garage door climate strip.

Bottom Seal

  1. Open the door to a position that makes it approachable to you. Append bolting forceps to the track to keep the door in that position.
  2. Slide the old climate stripping out of its channel on the bottom of the door. Some of the time called the seal or gasket, the replacement piece must be a precise match for the old seal.
  3. Measure the length of the door and slice the new seal to that length with an utility cut.
  4. Slide the new seal into the channel to replace it.
  5. Remove the pincers. Shut the door.

Top and Sides

  1. Use a sledge or pry bar to remove the old climate stripping from the top and sides of the garage door.
  2. Measure and cut the top bit of climate stripping to fit.
  3. Connect the climate stripping to the door outline with the nails that accompany the item. Nail them in inexactly then afterward watch that the door opens properly. Secure them tightly.
  4. Measure and slice the side pieces to fit. Bang them into the top piece. Trim them slightly if essential to structure a tight corner.
  5. Use the nails to connect the side pieces inexactly to the door outline. Check the operation of the door. Assuming that the climate stripping doesn’t meddle with its operation, nail the pieces safely in place.

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