Replacing the Metal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Climate seals are strips of treated elastic or plastic intended to shape an obstruction against pitiless climate, for example solid winds and downpours, which could drive water through the breaks in the doors of a home. Generally doors, metal, wood or overall, accompany a climate seal, or climate stripping as it is additionally known. Tragically, over the long haul, with introduction to heaps of sunlight, and also extremes of heat and frosty, the material of the climate seals can break down, requiring its replacement.

Materials Needed

Generally metal garage doors differ slightly in size, implying that your best wager in getting the right measure and sort of climate seal from the handyman shop is to take a gander at the old climate seal. It ought to be stamped on the back once you’ve got it removed. You’ll likewise require a force screwdriver and various screws, again counsel the momentum climate seal for the right estimate screw.


On the exact base of the garage door bottom ought to be two internal confronting furrows, making a lip. Slid into this lip is the old climate seal, held in place by screws along its edge. Remove the screws with the force screwdriver and slide the old seal out. Slide the new climate seal in, because its new it will be stiffer and you’ll need to bow it down the middle to get it to fit in the scores. When its fitted, use the gaps in the sides of the garage door bottom to line up and place your new screws.

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